Private Family Banking

  • Buying Cars

  • Recapturing Debt

  • Business Financing

  • Paying for College

  • Multi-Generational Wealth

  • Fund Retirement

Without working harder or changing your cashflow you can be fiscally free. You can become your own banker and take advantage of the benefits that banking insiders won't tell us about. We do this by minimizing taxes and building lasting transferrable wealth. We help you use your own bank to fund college, buy cars, obtain business loans, pay mortgages, reduce debt and fund retirment.


Buying Cars
By using Private Family BankingTM to finance cars during your lifetime, you could accumulate all the money you need to fund your retirement or other life goals.

In America 90% of people who buy cars use other people's money to pay for them. They pay interest to financial institutions that loan them the money for their purchase. The remaining 10% of Americans save and pay cash for their cars. In either case there is nothing left after the purchases for a lifetime of driving cars. Of course, that's what you would expect when purchasing a depreciating asset like a car.

However, by using Private Family BankingTM you can turn the financing of your cars into an appreciating asset!

Recapturing Debt
Being in excessive debt can feel like slavery. In fact, the Bible says that “the borrower is slave to the lender.” Yet paying off debt seems like such a drag for many - “When will I ever get ahead?”

The average savings rate in America is currently only about 6% of all earned income. Meanwhile, the average American is spending around 34.5% for interest on debt!

By using Private Family Banking™ to pay off all your debts, you can recapture the interest that you are currently paying financial institutions. By recapturing your own debt and paying yourself the interest that you are currently paying others, you could increase your overall savings rate by over 500%!

Business Financing
Private Family BankingTM creates the ideal financing option for your business. Think of it as allowing you to sit on both sides of the desk as the banker and the borrower. As a result, you don’t lose the interest you pay, you earn it! By using the system properly, you will literally enhance every financial decision you make by decreasing your overall taxes, as well as increasing your wealth.

Every business needs working capital but it can be a hassle to qualify for loans. Private Family Banking™ allows you ready access to your capital because you become the banker.

Paying for College
Imagine funding college in a way that you not only have a guaranteed return on your savings but you also teach your student how to safely grow their finances for the rest of their lives. That's exactly what Private Family Banking can do.

The heart of the family banking concept is using a customized dividend paying, whole life insurance policy to accumulate wealth. When properly structured, a dividend paying whole life policy becomes a guaranteed college savings fund that can pay all college expenses even if Mom or Dad were to die.

Multi-Generational Wealth
Successfully maintaining wealth across generations requires advisors with both the depth and breadth of expertise to provide effective solutions for those challenges. Our depth of technical knowledge and breadth of experience – particularly with respect to multi-generational wealth – is what differentiates Myles from other firms.

Each client’s goals, financial situation and family dynamics are different, and you will receive advice that is tailored to your unique needs. We look at the full spectrum of factors impacting your wealth and identify effective solutions, and we do so with the highest standards of quality, integrity and professionalism.

Fund Retirement
Imagine the benefits of saving for your retirement at the same time that you are financing cars, financing a home or financing your children’s education. These are all things you’re going to pay for anyway but they normally take away from your retirement savings instead of helping to build your retirement savings.

At the core of Private Family Banking™ is a customized dividend paying permanent life insurance policy which is used to create a money pool that you control. This policy is engineered to grow your pool of money even while you are using it for your personal or business financing needs.

By following the Private Family Banking™ method, your cash grows tax-free and can be accessed tax-free to provide passive income at retirement. Unlike IRAs, 401(k)s or other tax qualified plans, the money that you accumulate in a dividend paying whole life insurance policy is accessible to you at any time and without penalties.